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One-ness with God, 10 Questions

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

We are in July, at the half-year point… For our benefits, the Holy Spirit has led us to the following 10 basic questions to examine our relationship with God. Take your time to read each question and honestly aswer Yes or No from the depth of your heart. The purpose of the questions is the Holy Spirit wanting to draw you close to Him. It is obvious that one can’t be “One” with God, if one is not close to God or not even have a relationship with Him. These questions prepare our hearts and ready them as a pre-requesite to going deep in the “One-ness” with the Trinity of God.

1) Do you feel at ease and your heart is filled with joy and gratitude, when you are close to God, listen to and talk to God (read the bible and pray)? Do you miss God when you are too busy?

2) Do you know that God doesn’t want to control you OR do you know that God wants you to freely choose Him because you need Him and love Him?

3) Do you know that believing in Christ Jesus, doing the will of God (Matt 7:21) and testified by the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:16) are the requirements to be God’s children and to have eternal life?

4) Do you know that Christians need to enter and walk in the narrow path to be true believers and find life (Matt 7:13-14)?

5) Although you may face hardship, do you believe that God is good and God wants the best for you (Jer 29:11)?

6) Do you desire God above all things in life (Matt 22:37)?

7) Do you humble yourself, seeking God in everything that you do OR do you do you best and humbly trust God to take care of the rest?

8) Do you hold tight to anything in life OR is there anything so important to you that you are not willing to give it up to have God?

9) Have you committed to Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

10) Have you experienced a big change in your life since you accepted Jesus (John 3:3)?

When you reach this point, you have gone thru all 10 questions. I would strongly suggest you go back and think about the questions and your answers, again and again, letting the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. It took me more than 10 times going back and forth to think, write and rewrite each word and each question… Truly, they are too important to glance over. Our relationship with God is too important not to take seriously. Thank you.

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