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Ephesians Chapter 1

Ephesians Chapter 1…

Thank you for reading and sharing what you got out of Ephesians Chapter 1. A few of you did... Ephesians is a very special book because Paul helped us to understand God's plans - who we are and what we have - so that we can have a full/abundant life (Jesus said in John 10:10) with meaning and purpose and to love/help other people. Eph 2:10 is a very special verse because it helped me to change my life in 2012 - to live according to God's plans. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Who we are:

- Chosen by God to be His children (1:4-5) and inheritors of His plans (1:11)

What we have: - Grace and peace (1:2) - Every spiritual blessing (1:3) - Redemption and forgiveness of sins (1:7)

- Wisdom and understanding of the mystery of God’s will and purpose (1:8-9)

- Inheritance of His plans (1:11) - Hope and praise in Him (1:12) - The Word of truth and Seal of the Holy Spirit (1:13) - Faith in God and Love for the saints (1:15) - Spirit of wisdom and revelation (1:17) - Hope and riches of inheritance (1:18) - Incomparably great power that raised Jesus from the dead (1:19-20)

Spiritually, we are not children of mere kings or billionaires. Above all, we are children of the most-high Creator. Kings and billionaires still have limitations and will die, but not our Father-God. He is limitless. He is always with us in this world and will be with us forever in the eternal life. Be joyful, we are God’s children. Be light of the world, salt of the earth.

Think of all the good gifts and capacities that we have in Jesus. Hope is among the good gifts and it is mentioned twice since this world is hopeless. Many people are in despair and can’t escape their sadness, loneliness, etc. How sad! Be joyful, we have God’s forgiveness, grace, peace, wisdom, hope, praise, love, inheritance and great power. Bring joy and be a blessing to other people.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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