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Jesus' life, why?

The reason and meaning of life is a very good question that we have been thinking about over the few couple of weeks.

Let us take a look at Jesus and His life as we celebrate Jesus’ 2019 birthday. The whole world is celebrating Christmas this month. The city/town is fully decorated. The streets are more beautiful and brighter at nights when the colorful lights are turned on. The radios are playing joyful Christmas carols and music. Everybody is happier during Christmas time. Outside, it is colder when night falls, but we feel warmer inside. Why?

Jesus was born in poverty, simplicity and humility even though He was the God of creation. His life was very simple. He worked as a humble carpenter. He didn’t own anything. He lived only 33 years then died on the cross for us, the most horrendous death penalty.... What was His life purpose?

The answer to all of these questions is Jesus and His Gospel. The reason, meaning and purpose of Jesus’ life is that He loves people who are condemned by sins. Jesus lived to die for you and me. He died for us so that we can be with Him forever. The Gospel of Jesus is the Good News that sinners can be completely forgiven and become God’s children because of our faith in Jesus. The Trinity of God wants everybody to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We should live our life to carry out God’s will and only by that, we will know the meaning and purpose of our life. We will have God of Peace, Joy and Hope!

In summary, our life’s meaning and purpose is LOVE - to love Jesus and to love other people... Love never fails.

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