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One-ness with God, Question #2

The wonderful One-ness of God and people… endless wisdom, boundless love, and awesome power are a part of God’s wonderful gifts for believers who become One with God.

Question 2 - Do you know that God doesn’t want to control you OR do you know that God wants you to freely choose Him because you need Him and love Him?

What is life purpose? It is a question that eludes many people because life is a lot more than materialism, above and beyond security, comfort and pleasures. Many people move from success to significance in their half time because success is not enough. Many people refuse to continue climbing the corporate ladder or making more money because both are no longer satisfied.

According to Ravi Zacharias, the purpose of life is Communion with God or become One with God… Ravi further explained that a believer starts with Redemption, Righteousness and then Communion with God. In God, we love God and enjoy God’s love. We worship God in communion with God.

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness” — 2 Peter 1:3.

A doctor left a successful practice and six-figure salary to deliver babies in a run-down maternity ward in Moscow. Using her own money to improve and run the ward, she is rapidly depleting her savings and risking her financial security. She has never been happier. She is following God's call on her life.

We may not want to follow God’s call for our life like this doctor. But if we do, it starts with accepting whom God creates us to be according to our DNA and environment – an entrepreneur, chef, doctor, teacher, musician, secretary, electrician, engineer…. God will give us experience and skills as we live and work. Then, God will reveal the good works that He has planned ahead for us to do. Many people want this dream life but only a few will realize it. It is God’s special promise in Eph 2:10 for those who believe in Him and in His words. Read and obey the Bible to be One with God.

The more we grow in the knowledge of God, the more we learn what is important. Our happiness is a direct result of growing in our relationship with the Lord. When our will is subject to His will, our spirits will soar under the wings of His love.

Through God’s divine plan for us and God’s endless wisdom, boundless love and awesome power, we are destined for greatness and possess ALL things that are important, all that will satisfy, all that will give us abundant life —everything we need. This is why we need Him, love Him and freely choose Him – the answer to Question #2.

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