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One-ness with God, Question #4

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

One-ness with God…

Question 4 - Do you know that Christians need to enter and walk in the narrow path to be true believers and find life?

This requirement is for certain because it came directly from the Lord Jesus Christ: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it” - Matt 7:13-14.

What does this mean? This requirement is not easy to obey because it is contradictory to the world’s priorities and what the flesh desires. The world promotes an easy life with comforts, security and pleasures. The flesh boasts riches, beauty and power, and these seem to be the only goals left these days. And they are being emphasized and ever magnified by social media.

People use social media to show off and compete. Life is perfect with good food, expensive clothes, nice parties and great vacations. What about the poor, the sick and the despair? A good example of chasing the world’s values is Dr. Richard Teo. He was a successful Singaporean opthamologist turned cosmetic surgeon but died from lung cancer at a young age of 40. You can google Dr. Teo’s speech to young doctors. More important than being very sad, his parting words remind us what is important in life. World Vision president Richard Stearns in his book “A hole in our Gospel” wrote a question that he had struggled with “Do you want to continue selling expensive china to the rich or help the poor?” Perhaps, we will be faced with a similar question sometime in our life. Perhaps the Holy Spirit wanted to remind us thru Dr. Teo and Mr. Stearns.

While good times often cause us to be distant from God, hard times remind us to pray, read the Bible, trust God and to feel compassion for other people. When we help needy people, we will have “the heart of Jesus”. Jesus said we do it for Him. God promised we will receive real joy and life, deep inside our spirits.

Brothers and sisters, show me your “bucket” list and I can tell what is important to you, which will in turn tell me whether you are on a narrow path or a broad road. I pray that all of us will know God and decide to live our life for Him.

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