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One ness with God - Question #9

One ness with God... Question #9 - Have you committed to Christ Jesus as your Savior and Lord?

Savior and Lord are two different roles that we need Jesus. They are both critically important.

Jesus as Savior is what all believers need and want - to be saved and to have eternal life. To receive Jesus as Savior, people must admit that they are sinners and believe that Jesus died for them to save them eternally. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Only a smaller group is willing to surrender and let Jesus take control of their life – to be their Lord. In this latter role, God’s will becomes our will, His plan becomes our plan… every aspect of our life should be turned over to Jesus because He wants the best for us… let God live through us, His great power will be revealed through us.

A story to ponder… There is a man in my old Baptist church in Lousisiana, USA. When he retired several years ago, he told people that his simple wish is to go to church every week. He didn’t ask God what he should do with his time because if he did, I believe God would have told him about His good works planned ahead before creation, the good works that God has prepared ahead for him to do (Eph 2:10). Then, due to disagreement with other Christians in the church, he decided to stop going to church because his ego and pride were hurt. It has been 4-5 years now and he no longer goes to any church. It is obvious that this man had asked Jesus to be his Savior, but let his own will guide him. His story is an example of a Christian who needs to grow.

Jesus as Lord is what all believers also need – to be broken by the Holy Spirit and God’s will is the only thing that they will want for their life.

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