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The Prayer of Jabez

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

The Prayer of Jabez… “And God granted his request”. Jabez’ name was mentioned only a couple of times in Chronicles. Nevertheless, God knew him, listened to him, and granted his request, making him very special. Also, he did not become a re-known leader later. His prayer has become a topic of many sermons and led many people to achieve amazing results. Normal and obscure people like us should also prayerfully expect God to grant our requests as we pray this prayer.

Jesus said in John 14:14 – “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it”.

A personalized compact version, easy to remember and to pray everyday is as follows:

Oh Father-God, have mercy and bless me

Enlarge my territory for Your glory

Keep Your hand upon me

And keep me from harm and pains.

Notice that this prayer doesn’t include details but God would have granted Jabez with specific blessings and good gifts. Knowing that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are praying for us, and God already knows our needs, we can confidently pray in either general or specific terms.

Since mid May when we began studying the Prayer of Jabez, I hope you will continue praying this prayer by saying it out loud and in your heart, then we will see the extra-ordinary results that Jabez, pastor Wilkinson and others had received.

Next week, we will begin looking into our relationship with God – and will appreciate the wonderful One-ness with the Trinity of God. 

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