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The Trinity of God

Let’s dive deep in our relationship with God beginning with the Trinity of God – God the Father, God the Son Jesus and God’s Spirit the Holy Spirit. We will then explore each of the 10 questions from last week in depth in the weeks and months to come.

The Trinity of God is a concept too difficult to understand. Nevertheless, we will try.

Firstly, we are human beings and God is holy being. The Godhead consists of 3 holy beings, sharing an intimate relationship that is based on love, submission and mutual respect. There is no hierarchy, no order of authority and importance. Each holy being has a role and 3 holy beings share in the life of people. God the Father creates people, Jesus redeems people from sins and death, and the Holy Spirit lives in people in order to transform them.

A few examples to illustrate the Trinity of God are:

· Water is one substance but can co-exists in 3 states – ice a solid, water a liquid and steam a gas.

· An egg has 3 parts – the outer shell, the white and the yolk. Each part has a role and together completes the egg.

· A person is a human being who can simultaneously have 3 roles – a daughter, a mother and a grandmother.

· A family is a unit with 3 persons – husband, wife and child. In a family, love rules and unconditional love demonstrated.

These illlustrations attempt to give us a picture of the Trinity of God, but does not adequately explain the Godhead to us, thus leaving us un-satisfied. We are very limited to fully comprehend how great and marvelous God is. We are merely God’s creation, but we want to judge God all the times whenever bad things happen, innocent children are killed, and when we feel hurt. We are upset and are quick to judge God without thinking about our choice to be independent from Him.… How could a loving God allow that to happen?

We have a small Yorkie at home, a 12-year old dog that we love dearly. Our dog can never understand what we think and what we do. He must accept that he is not human and he lives in our love and care. Analogy to the dog, we must accept that we are not holy beings and we exist in God’s creation, love and care.

This is all that I plan to spend on the Trinity of God. You can continue studying this topic thru Google, YouTube, and books, if you so desire. God bless you as you seek Him.

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